La Cosecha | A Latin American Marketplace in Washington DC

A Contemporary Latin American Marketplace

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La Cosecha is a contemporary Latin American marketplace in Washington DC that celebrates centuries of heritage. As a culinary embassy, La Cosecha is designed for community and conversation with a philanthropic mission to foster business education throughout Latin America. Our seasonal experiences are curated in partnership with Latin American embassies, eclectic tastemakers and artistic contributors. The harvest, la cosecha, is the natural time of reaping what has been cultivated by a dynamic community.


Open Monday – Sunday 8am-10pm.
Please check with individual businesses for specific operating hours.


Garage Parking Available

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Artisanal donuts with a Colombian twist


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300 Grados Bakery

Venezuelan bakery pop-up with cachitos, golfeados y más


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Rumba Cafe Pop Up

Taste the flavors of Ibero Country, Spain as Chef Gustavo Huapalla’s Rumba Cafe pops up at La Cosecha. Chef Gustavo was one of the first to bring Latin-American cuisine and culture to DC with his landmark Adams Morgan restaurant, Rumba Café. Make a reservation now!


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Host Your Next Event at La Cosecha

La Cosecha offers a suite of versatile and unique venue space in the heart of Washington, DC, for your public or private event.


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