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La Cosecha Artes

La Cosecha Artes is a burgeoning arts platform, which seeks to create space to promote and uplift Latin American artists. Through inclusive exhibitions, lectures, and shows, La Cosecha Artes creates a meaningful dialogue on contemporary issues impacting Latin American communities while celebrating the diversity of its culture. In partnership with embassies and cultural institutions, the platform’s mission is to build bridges between local, national, and international artists and communities.

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Latin American Female Identity, 2019

Mariela Ajras (Buenos Aires, 1984)

Nazca Lines Series

Jorge L. Caceres

Arte Original Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile

Art Exhibition 4/9/21 – 6/5/21

Arte es Alimento Del Alma, 2021

César Sánchez-Morazzani (Lima, Peru)


Fundación de Artesanías de Chile | Art Exhibition 9/1/21 – 9/30/21


Post Primavera | Art Exhibition 6/9/22 – 7/8/22

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