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La Cosecha Artes

La Cosecha Artes is a burgeoning arts platform, which seeks to create space to promote and uplift Latin American artists. Through inclusive exhibitions, lectures, and shows, La Cosecha Artes creates a meaningful dialogue on contemporary issues impacting Latin American communities while celebrating the diversity of its culture. In partnership with embassies and cultural institutions, the platform’s mission is to build bridges between local, national, and international artists and communities.

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Guayi Fernandez

Venezuela – Spain – DC

She uses color as a radical expression of life.

Perspectiva Corazón: Mi Distrito by cesamo

August 2023 | César Sánchez-Morazzani | Lima, Peru

Washington, DC, through the eyes of a Peruvian immigrant.

Aztec Indian; Xiuhtecuhtli

Josue Martinez | Corinto, El Salvador

Born in Corinto, El Salvador, Josue Martinez is a passionate multimedia artist and graphic designer.

TECHO Community Gallery

Through June 2023 | South America + Caribbean

A silent auction is in progress through July 10th. All funds raised will go towards TECHO projects.


Cecilia Lueza | Argentina

Argentine American artist Cecilia Lueza is well-known for creating vibrant public art across the United States and beyond.


Cusqueñita is the culmination of a live painting event that took place during celebrations at La Cosecha of the 201st anniversary of Peruvian independence.


Cultura bailando el arte

Through January | César Sánchez-Morazzani | Lima, Peru

César Sánchez-Morazzani is a DC-based artist from Lima, Peru.

Summer in Winter

Through March 3, 2023 | Arte Original

Festejamos el Arte de los Sordos

Through January 3, 2023

The exhibition, curated by Leticia Arellano, features Deaf artists from Latin American countries.


8/8/2022 – 8/27/2022

Arte Original presents artists from Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile in our End of Summer exhibition.


Post Primavera | Art Exhibition 6/9/22 – 7/8/22


Fundación de Artesanías de Chile | Art Exhibition 9/1/21 – 9/30/21

Arte Original Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile

Art Exhibition 4/9/21 – 6/5/21

Arte es Alimento Del Alma, 2021

César Sánchez-Morazzani (Lima, Peru)

Latin American Female Identity, 2019

Mariela Ajras (Buenos Aires, 1984)

Nazca Lines Series

Jorge L. Caceres