Arte Original Venezuelan Art Show

Venezuela is in a state of crisis. The New York Times called the crisis the biggest economic collapse outside of war in at least 45 years. Once a thriving democracy and the richest country in South America, Venezuela is now in poverty.

During the 20th century and even until the 1990s, Caracas was the cultural capital of South America. Venezuela provided state funding to support the arts, including financial support for artists to study abroad. Visiting museums were free to anyone which included various programs. Even recently as 2014, there were sufficient local collectors in Caracas to host the Iberoamerican Art Fair – FIA.

Nonetheless, this dire situation cannot conceal the paradise-like climate, natural beauty, and colorful people of Venezuela. Artists in Venezuela are living in this parallel universe. Their artworks show a beautiful and sometimes horrendous juxtapose between the crisis and the Venezuela they can construct. This parallel universe is what we are trying to capture.

Arte Original is connecting these Venezuelan artists to the international market. We are promoting the work of emerging and renown artists who are struggling due to the economic downfall in their home country. Arte Original assures the artist is receiving a fair price for their art while assuring the authenticity through our online platform. Add a new piece of beautiful art to your home collection – you are helping a talented artist who needs your support.

Meet the Curator: Join us from 12pm – 6:30pm on Saturday, September 19th to meet our Curator Su Hyun Kim

Featured Artists:

  • Armando Villalón
  • Yudy Marquez
  • Belkis Granada
  • Carlos Rivero
  • Raúl Tamarís
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