Essentials Salsa 6-week Series (Level 2)

Come and continue to build on the basics of salsa dancing On2 with Baila DC for six weeks, starting Tuesday, March 21st. Previous participation in our Foundations series or equivalent experience is recommended before taking this course.  Join us each Tuesday for a free practice social before class at 7:30 pm!


Tuesdays, March 21st through April 25, 2023

  • 8:30 – 9:30 PM – upstairs in Balcón at La Cosecha


La Cosecha |1280 4th Street NE, Washington DC 20002 / Upstairs in the balcony (Balcón)


  • $150 for the 6-week series
  • Please register online before the first day of clas

Course Description 

This progressive 6-week class builds on the content from our Foundations series. Essential Concepts is designed for advanced beginners who want to deepen and expand their knowledge and ability and for intermediate dancers seeking to focus on essential salsa-dancing concepts. We explore how to combine the foundations of salsa dancing to create more intricate relationships between music, movement, and connection.

By the end of the class you will be proficient in:

  • Adjusting your dancing to the dance floor
  • Reflecting a song’s mood in your dancing
  • Traveling movements and turns
  • Use your understanding of shining, leading, and following to create and troubleshoot your own dance sequences

You will also be introduced to

  • Syncopation
  • Momentum and tension
  • Rotational movements

Note: We expect students to come to class prepared with the following knowledge and abilities:

  • On2 salsa timing
  • Basic salsa step
  • Right and left turns (with & without partner)
  • Cross-body lead (leads & follows)

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This event finished on 25 April 2023