Fashion Pop-up x El Salvador : Meet the Designers. Shop Unique Designs.

The Embassy of El Salvador invites you to meet 7 fashion designers from El Salvador and to have exclusive access to shop their garments that will be displayed just for this day in La Cosecha.

Carlos Herrera: He is a prominent Salvadoran fashion designer whose career began in the 1980s. His success in the fashion world has led him to gain recognition both in El Salvador and internationally. Throughout his illustrious career, Carlos has held important positions in the fashion industry, notably as Director of ADIES (Association of Designers of El Salvador) and President of the fashion cluster: SMODA. His work has been key to promoting the development of the cultural and fashion industry in Central America.Carlos Herrera’s boutique and atelier, located in San Salvador and named after him, offers a wide selection of ready-to-wear dresses and elegant evening gowns. In addition, he provides custom-made couture dresses, giving Salvadoran women access to fashion that embodies the timeless spirit of summer.
To get a glimpse of his designs, visit his Instagram: @carlosherrerasv

Monica Arguedas: Established in 2012, Monica Arguedas is an atelier and a ready-to-wear boutique. With a wonderful team and unique designs, she created incredible and unique pieces for every one of her customers. She believes having a custom outfit is an amazing experience and that her clients should look gorgeous inside-out. Her ready-to-wear collections are inspired by the beauty of women, freedom, and a beautiful self.
Set your eyes on her designs, visit her Instagram: @monicaarguedas

Elsy Maribel Valladares (MAVA): The MAVA brand was founded by Elsy Maribel Valladares in 2015, who at an early age grew up surrounded by fabrics, threads, and sewing machines, since her aunt Alicia had a school workshop where sewing classes were taught. MAVA is currently a company passionate about fashion through which it offers the best possible quality in its garments. MAVA’s creations stand out and are characterized by their exclusive techniques and cuts which accentuate and make our customers feel confident with what they wear.
To check out MAVA, please visit their Instagram: @mava_sv

Pablo Palomeque: Pablo began his fashion design studies in Miami in 2013, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Fine Art in 2018. Throughout his academic journey, Pablo earned prestigious accolades such as the Avant-garde Award in Miami 2017 and the Council of International Fashion Designers (CIFD) Scholarship. Moreover, Pablo’s passion for fashion show production has led him to amass over 7 years of experience in the field.
Learn more about Pablo Palomeque through his instagram: @pablo_palomeque_

ISCHIA by Miranda Miguel: She is the designer and founder of Ischia, which began in 2018 as a small project that gradually grew, until it became the recognized brand it is today. The style of the Ischia brand is inspired by strong, unique, beautiful, and brave women, it is a way to celebrate them since it is not simply a way of dressing, but rather a reflection and sample of their greatness. Miranda Miguel’s designs have managed to be selected to be part of the collection called “La Latina” in Paris Fashion Week, thereby publicizing the talent in El Salvador.
Get a sneak peek of her designs, visit Ischia’s Instagram: @ischiabymiranda

Jesús Alvarenga: He has 8 years of experience in the field of fashion and design, being the official designer of the most important youth pageant in the nation: Miss Teen El Salvador and the National Beauty Contest. Jesus obtained the title of the best designer of the Americas 2021 and best designer in Mesoamerica International. He has been listed as the designer of the pageant queens of Central America, placing him as the designer of Miss Grand Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.
To learn more about Jesus, please click here.

Elisa Barake: Founder of Barake, is a brand that is inspired by the contemporary and multifaceted woman, expresses itself through the design of versatile, unique, high-quality, exclusive, comfortable and trendy garments. Unique designs that adapt to any occasion and lifestyle that reflect the good taste of those who wear it. This brand is conceived with a holistic vision that generates sources of support work for artisans, single mothers who dedicate their work and find in us their livelihood and progress for themselves and their families having a better future.
Discover some of her designs, please visit Barake’s Instagram: @barakeofficial

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