Flower Arranging Class with Stem Soiree

Join us for a Flower Arranging Class using premium, high-quality flowers in a fun and beautiful space at La Cosecha with Stem Soiree

In our classes, you will work with premium, high quality flowers and learn three things:

  • How to SOURCE flowers – have you ever stood at the grocery store and wondered what goes well together? Where it all came from? Why it is priced the way it is? We are going to teach you how to source flowers from sustainable options to your local grocery all the way to where professional floral designers get their product!
  • How to PROCESS flowers – this is the mechanism in which we get flowers ready to arrange, and ensure they don’t die quickly!
  • How to ARRANGE flowers – we are going to teach you the fundamentals of floral design, arming you with the skills to make something beautiful time and time again!

Along the way, we will have some laughs and learn all about the flowers we are working with and some of their quirks – you don’t want to miss this!

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