Matinee Milonga with Tango Mercurio

After a fabulous opening in April, our Matinee Milonga continues on second Sundays.

Enjoy a fantastic floor to dance on, a fine musical selection by DJ Jimmi Valencia, and some light refreshments.

Afternoon on second Sundays of the month @ La Cosecha, the perfect place to spend the day, w/ plenty of options for drinks & food (lunch/brunch before the milonga or dinner after the milonga). Plan your mother’s day brunch there.

We have a new generation of tango dancers who are eager to experience social dancing. Plan to meet up with Tango Mercurio students, alumni, and community members.

We will have a table set-up for Tango Shoe Exchange. If you have old dance shoes that you no longer use, please bring them to the milonga. They might be of use to someone in need or someone at the beginning of their tango journey.

Purchase tickets today! 

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