Portable – Let Art, Chocolate and Wine Transport You

Arte Original presents an inauguration event for our art exhibition at La Cosecha in partnership with Arcay Chocolates and Grand Cata!

Art is a way of telling stories and it is also the possibility of generating connections with one’s own history.

The contemplation of an artwork is a sensory experience that invites you to an intimate journey, a metaphorical journey that can take you back to your childhood, your relationships, experiences, moments, since we associate certain images with colors, shapes, smells, anecdotes of our memory.

In this exhibition event, you will find artworks by Latin American artists that, being of techniques, supports, themes, styles, discourses, and diverse languages, have in common, in addition to their context, their small dimensions. The small format work has an artistic relevance equivalent to larger pieces, adding all the favorable particularities that it enjoys: in addition to its price being usually more accessible, the assembly is simple, the location in the space is convenient and, above all, it is comfortable and easy to transport and shipping. This type of work, from its portable dimensions, has the powerful potential to establish an emotional connection with us and move us spiritually to other scenarios.

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