Salsa On2 Foundations 4-week Series with Baila DC

Come and continue to build on the basics of salsa dancing On2 with Baila DC for four weeks, starting Thursday, Oct 13th and ending on Thursday, Nov 3, 2022. Previous participation in at least one of our beginner classes from Baila Thursdays is recommended.

Course Description 

This progressive 4-week series class is intended for learners who have been previously introduced to the basics of salsa on2, or who are transitioning from on1 to on2. Throughout the four weeks we will continue to focus on timing, musicality, building on the layers of the salsa basic step, reviewing left and right turns, simple footwork drills, and progressing with introductory partner work techniques that are fundamental to basic On2 salsa.

Note: we recommend that students participate in the Foundation Series at least 2-3 times to establish a solid salsa On2 foundation and continue to other intermediate concepts classes that Baila DC offers.


Thursdays, October 13th through November 3rd, 2022

  • 7:00-8:00 PM – upstairs in Balcón

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This event finished on 03 November 2022