Salsa Series with Baila DC (Beginners)

Come and learn the basics of salsa dancing On2 with Baila DC for six weeks, starting Thursday, March 10th and ending on Thursday, April 14, 2022. No experience or partner necessary.

Course Description

This progressive 6-week series class is intended for absolute beginners, and those looking to brush up on the basics of salsa dancing. Throughout the six weeks we will focus on timing, musicality, learning the layers of the salsa basic step, left and right turns, simple footwork drills, and introductory partner work techniques that are fundamental to basic On2 salsa.

Note that this course is sold in a 6-week package and will not accommodate drop-ins on a random basis. We recommend that students attend each weekly class as the lessons are progressive and will build upon the previous week.

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This event finished on 14 April 2022