Tango Initiation Weekend Boot Camp

This course covers all of the material in the 6-week Tango Initiation series condensed into one fun weekend of two 3-hour sessions. This course is a great way to dive in and get immersed in tango. People often choose to take this in conjunction with the 6-week series for accelerated learning and integration. You must pre-register for this class.

We encourage the study of both roles, role-switching, and dancing with a variety of partners (staying with one partner is also welcome).
This class is open to people of all identities
Learn about balance, posture and technique for tango movement, and the unique mindset of each role. In this course you will receive basic musical education and an introduction to improvising with a partner. Class vocabulary includes the tango “walk” (in parallel system & cross system), cunitas (rock steps), the follower’s cross, back ochos, basic navigational tools and introductory level adornments. You must pre-register for this class.
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This event finished on 05 March 2023