The award-winning chef Sebastian Quiroga brings the elegance and innovation of his much-lauded La Paz-based restaurant, Ali Pacha, to D.C.. Meaning ‘universe of plants’ in the language of the Aymara people of Bolivia, the name reveals Quiroga’s culinary philosophy of placing the bounty of natural ingredients from his home country at the center of his cooking. Combining these with bold techniques honed at Relae in Copenhagen and Gustu in La Paz, Quiroga creates an unrivalled vegan, fine-dining experience to savor.

Sebastian Quiroga

Founder and Executive Chef // Ali Pacha

Sebastian Quiroga is the founder and Executive Chef behind one of the world’s most innovative restaurants, Ali Pacha. A plant-based fine dining experience, Quiroga pairs traditional and exotic Bolivian ingredients with modern culinary techniques to create artistic and sustainable vegan dishes. Quiroga trained at Gustu, the four-time Best Restaurant in Bolivia in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, and Relae in Copenhagen, before opening Ali Pacha in 2016 with a goal of educating diners about sustainability and locally sourced cuisine. Ali Pacha received the 2017 World Luxury Award for Restaurant of the Year and Best Cocktail Menu, was featured on Travel Channel’s 12 Best Plant-Based Restaurants in the World, and is currently showcased in a regular feature on the Discovery Channel Lat Am/TLC Lat Am as a symbol of gastronomy for La Paz.