Longtime D.C. local Christian Irabién mixes flavors and techniques from his native Mexico—drawing from family traditions in Chihuahua and the Distrito Federal (CDMX), but also the vibrant seasonings of Veracruz, Guerrero and the Yucatán peninsula—to create an entirely new fine-dining experience of Mexican cuisine. Named after his mother and grandmother, Amparo is the culmination of Christian’s training with fabled chefs José Andrés and Cathal Armstrong.

I want diners to see that Mexican food is an evolution, which has changed and continues to adapt to what is Mexico, our food is very varied and is marked by the cultural mix we have lived since the conquest to the date.

-Christian Irabién

Christian Irabién

Amparo Fondita is an elevated, modern Mexican restaurant that explores the authentic flavors of Mexico’s diverse heritage and regions. — Amparo comes from Mexico-born, longtime D.C. local Christian Irabién, whose cooking is inspired by his family’s traditions from Chihuahua, Distrito Federal (CDMX) and the coastal states of Veracruz, Yucatán and Guerrero. Irabién spent the previous five years cooking with Chef José Andrés and Chef Cathal Armstrong, discovering his love of fine dining and combining it with the traditional flavors he grew up with. Following a wildly successful pop-up last summer, he brings the eatery (named for his mother and grandmother) to La Cosecha, offering a modern-day take on Mexican cuisine alongside a mezcal-heavy beverage program.