Café Unido - LA COSECHA

With 8 cafes scattered throughout Panama, Café Unido brings responsible sourcing and focus on community and environment to DC, launching its first stateside coffee shop at La Cosecha. Founders Benito Bermudez and Mario Castrellon, along with their team of baristas and roasters, use beans from the best farms in Panama, including Panama Geisha – the highest priced coffee variety in the world – and other specialty Panamanian beans. Corporate responsibility is in the DNA of Café Unido and they dedicate a percentage of sales to social and environmental projects in coffee-growing areas of Panama in an effort to create shared value between customers and local suppliers.

Mon-Wed 8am-3pm | Thurs-Sun 8am-6pm

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-Carolina Furukrona

Benito Bermudez

Benito Bermudez is the Lead Barista and Head Roaster and founder of Café Unido in Panama City. Specializing in Panama Geisha and other specialty Panamanian beans, he also puts great emphasis on transparency and sustainability; he leads the Fundación Cafe Unido which focuses on giving back and empowering coffee communities and their workers.