FILOS Bakery aims to bring together people across cultures through the global tradition of bread sharing. FILOS will feature simple traditional Mexican inspired baked goods. It will bring the home flavors of childhood back and start new dialogues between generations and cultures.

Opening FILOS Bakery at La Cosecha represents a great opportunity for me to show the value of shared cultures. To keep showing what Mexico has to offer and finally to underline the fact that immigration is the motor for culinary excellence.

-Francesca Arienzo

Francesca Arienzo

Francesca Arienzo was born and raised in Mexico City by a Mexican- German-Italian family. Family gatherings where always at the center of her day to day and it was while cooking that conversations among the different backgrounds of her family started. Her both grandmas where and still are the ones that inherited Francesca their recipes and love for food. At LA COSECHA, her first Brick and Mortar, Francesca wants to share not only her family recipes but also the experiences of what it means to come together as people to share our traditions and memories.