Through September, join us at La Cosecha to experience “HEIRS OF LLALLIÑ”, a weaving collection, curated by the Fundación de Artesanías de Chile. The exhibit showcases 17 Mapuche artists from La Araucanía region to discover a valuable collection of more than 200 artifacts belonging to the National Museum of Natural History.

Weaving is a millenary form of communication, where indigenous collect the cosmogony of their people. It is said that the makuñ or men’s blankets and the trariwe -or girdles- worn by women are the books of Mapuche culture. To rescue and revalue that knowledge, Fundación de Artesanías de Chile proposed to 17 artists from La Araucanía region to discover a valuable collection of more than 200 blankets and trariwe belonging to the National Museum of Natural History. After visiting the museum, the artisans created a series of makuñ and trariwe, using traditional techniques like ñimikan and trarikan. With the support of Conadi, the collection “Herederas de Llalliñ” or “Heirs of Llalliñ” was launched as part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Day at La Cosecha.

Exhibition opens Wednesday, September 1 and closes Thursday, September 30.

Jorge L. Caceres

Jorge Caceres is a DC-based artist who was raised in Lima, Peru. Growing up in such a visually profuse environment and influenced by his Spanish and Italian origins, Jorge’s multicultural background allows him the unique ability to convey his creativity through painting. As a self-taught artist, he combines abstract pieces of diverse colors and shapes, a vehicle he uses to express a myriad of feelings and emotions.

Caceres studied architecture at Ricardo Palma, one of Lima’s most renowned universities, but found himself being drawn to the state of freedom painting offered him. Following that sense of freedom, Jorge moved to the United States in the early 2000s. It was at that time that he decided that art was essential to his identity.

He started working at an art gallery, where he learned about the art market. Later, he became a design consultant for a prominent European company specializing in interior design with a studio in DC. He gained valuable experience working with high end clients, finding the right design solutions for their homes. His love of architecture, interior design, travel and art led to his role as a trusted advisor. Over time, more and more of his clients started asking Jorge for commissioned works of art. He has created pieces in Washington, DC, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris and beyond.

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