Mariela Ajras - LA COSECHA

Mariela Ajras (Buenos Aires, 1984)
Latin American Female Identity, 2019

This mural is a donation of the Inter-American Development Bank to commemorate their 60th Anniversary. The image of a Latin creole/mestizo empowered woman looks towards the future. The woman is duplicated, addressing the idea that she looks from the past and at the same time, constructs her future. Behind her, there is a rising sun created in golden paint which reflects brightly on the wall’s surface. The women’s fabric patterns create an optical illusion and a geometric contemporary feeling. The mural expresses the vibrant spirit of the Latin American aesthetics incorporated with colorful Latin American textile designs.

Mariela Ajras

Mariela Ajras is an internationally acclaimed muralist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work mainly focuses on the image of women, the question about femininity and collective memory. A psychologist as well as an artist, this background influences greatly her work in terms of subject matter and also in the execution of community-oriented workshop that uses muralism as a social tool. Public Art review’s latest edition has chosen her as one of the representatives of the female artists’ movement in South America.

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