From the owners of Arepa Zone and Antojitos de tu Pais, Mosaico Street Food + Market will offer a variety of latin-American specialty goods as well as a rotating menu of latin street-food. Mosaico is a place for customers to buy hard-to-find latin American goods, but also a place to indulge in street food from different places in Latin America. Come enjoy Venezuelan items not currently offered at Arepa Zone: pastelitos, empanadas, mandocas, and the highlight of Mosaico’ food offerings – latin-style hot dogs

Gabriela Febres and Ali Arellano

Opening at La Cosecha is such a proud moment for us – Ali and I are both immigrants chasing our American dream so this is a big deal. Being in a place where we can surround ourselves with other latino entrepreneurs is simply amazing. It is empowering to see how far we’ve come as a Latino community and La Cosecha is a chance to show Washingtonians what we’re all about. We’re excited to be able to show the DC community what it means to be latino, all about our cultures – food, dance, and the amazing atmosphere we’ll create. Collectively, we know we’ll do great things at La Cosecha!