Quavaro - LA COSECHA

Quavaro is a DC-based brand producing stylish, high-quality leather goods. Cesar and Pial Vega, a husband and wife team who dreamed of working together in a creative capacity. Quavaro’s products are artisanally made in a factory owned and operated in one of the leather capitals of the world: Leon, Mexico.

Mon-Tues 11am – 5pm | Wed-Fri 11am – 5:30pm | Sat 11am – 5pm | Sun 11am – 4pm 

Our focus isn’t just on making fantastic dishes inspired by avant-garde and traditional techniques, we believe in creating experiences and rituals.

-Juanma Barrientos

Juanma Barrientos

Juanma Barrientos is the creator and founder behind ElCielo (Medellín, Bogotá, Miami), which combines Colombian cuisine and innovative cooking practices in an effort to “cook the peace in Colombia.” Barrientos has been consistently ranked among the 50 best chefs in Latin America and has also been recognized as a “Young Leader of Peace in Latin America” for his efforts to use cuisine as a way to bridge conflicts in Colombia. Recently he published the book “The Recipe of Success” with recommendations for entrepreneurs, under the AGUILAR seal of the Penguin Random House publishing house.

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